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March 2008
New orders this month from 10 countries including Zambia, Ukraine and UAE

New Online Billing Module for Kiosks

CyberLeader now has the ability to bill customers online through PayPal. This feature was designed especially for Internet Kiosks.

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Products and Services
We have developed two off-the-shelf complementary products, which are CyberLeader Internet Cafe Software and Systems Asset Monitor. In addition to that we offer new software development and customization services. We can customize CyberLeader and SAM to exactly fit your business requirements. We can also develop any new application from scratch per customer request. The following are the types of projects we have great experience in:
- Web applications
- Web Database
- Desktop applications
The development is usually done by a team of two programmers supervised by a team leader. The team leader ensures high quality and timeliness of programming deliverables. Our rates are very competitive. The programmers that we employ have 3+ years of experience working in Motorola and IBM.

About us
CyberLeader Systems was founded in the year 2000. We have a relatively small, but very efficient team of highly skilled professionals. The age range of the employees is 24-30, so we are young, full of energy and creative ideas. What is great about this job is that it helps us experience incredible mental development and professional growth. We all love our jobs and are highly committed to them.

Are we open to suggestions?
YES! If you think you know how to make any of our products better or make them better fit your needs, which by the way is the same thing, then send us an email or leave your feedback on the website. We will appreciate that very much. You can also call +1 (914) 419-5802.

Our philosophy and goals
We think that modern software industry can be helpful virtually in any kind of business. We are specializing in serving Internet and Gaming Cafes, libraries, hotels, schools and other institutions that provide computers for public use. You have come to the right place to find out how you can use modern technology to make your life easier, not more complicated. We really hope that you will enjoy using our products and will be able to get stable benefits from utilizing them.