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About us
We have a small, but very efficient team of highly skilled professionals. The age range of the employees is 21-30, so we are young, full of energy and creative ideas. The official name of the company we work for is Sphinx Microsystems Corporation. As a team, we are running the CyberLeader project for the company. What is great about this job is that it helps us to experience incredible mental development and growth. We all love our jobs and are highly committed to them. This project has been going on for 4 years and we are not planning to stop even 10 years from now.

Are we open to new ideas?
YES! If you think you know how to make Cyberleader Software better or make it better fit your needs, which by the way is the same thing, then send us an email or leave your feedback on the website. We will appreciate that very much. You can also call +1 (914) 419-5802.

Our philosophy and goals
We think that modern software industry can be of help virtually in any kind of business. We are specializing in serving Internet and Gaming Cafes, libraries, hotels, schools and other institutions that provide computers for public use. You have come to the right place to find out how you can use modern technology to make your life easier, not more complicated. We really hope that you will enjoy our product and realize that you've made the right decision by purchasing it.

We are looking for young and bright people who will fit well into our team and add value to our company. You will be able to work at home without any need to physically be in the office. Since Sphinx Microsystems is an international business, we welcome applicants from all over the world. However, you definitely have to be fluent in English in order to work for us. Currently there are two open positions:

Website and interface designer

Programmer with complete knowledge of C++ and Visual Basic

Send your resumes and cover letters to

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  Last updated: July 20, 2006

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