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Key Features
  • • Online customer billing for Internet Kiosks. Customers can pre-pay for sessions using any major credit card, which is ideal for Internet kiosks (more info)
  • • Windows-like fully customizable interface of client workstation (you can even place your own logo in the center of CL Client)
  • • Well-developed Timecodes feature for selling time based tickets with multiple exporting and printing options including exporting into HTML and XML
  • • Very easy to use prepaid sessions - start a prepaid session with only two clicks
  • • Comprehensive Point of Sale system
  • • Full employee control - every employee gets an account with personal user rights
  • • Ability to remotely update CL Clients all at once
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Member Accounts

Pricing Policy

Management and Monitoring Features

• Point of Sale System
Using our easy to use and very flexible POS you can sell any items you offer. POS allows you to keep track of the inventory and can calculate the cost of items that you add to stock.

• Timing Control
Know exactly for how long customers use your computers.

• Receipt Setup
- Adjust the size of receipts to fit your printer.
- All receipts are numbered to allow checking or reprinting them.
- Show Cafe's Name, Date, Time, Employee, Receipt Number, Location and other info on each receipt.

• Reports
Check out earnings using automatically generated financial reports. You can see the total amount earned over a period of time and see when, on what computer, and with which administrator each cent was gained. Detailed statistics with graphs are generated using Microsoft Excelฎ. They show how much money was gained during each our of the day, number of customers per hour and much more.

You can export reports in the HTML format and set the program to automatically send them to desired e-mail addresses at intervals of your choice. Reports are emailed through HTTP without any need to enter SMTP settings as competing products require. This ensures that emails are not blocked by ISP firewalls.

• Pricing
- Scheduled Pricing: you can have only one rate per hour or multiple rates per hour throughout a day. You can also specify a minimum or initial charge for a session.
- Bulk pricing: use this pricing mode if you want the price to change as time elapses. It allows you to charge more the person who comes in for a short period of time comparing to one who spends more time searching the net.

It is very easy and convenient to configure pricing in Cyberleader.

• Four Modes of Using Computers:

- Postpaid: customers can use cafe's services and pay afterwards.
- Prepaid session: administrator charges a customer and starts the session. This is a very easy operation.
- Timecodes: You can sell prepaid time to customers, give them weekly, monthly and even yearly passes.
- Prepaid Accounts: You can create member accounts with money amounts for your customers.

• Print Monitoring
Cyberleader can control and charge for printing in postpaid and prepaid modes. You can choose whether to track each one of your printers. You can also specify different rates for Color and B&W pages. Cyberleader can control printing on network, shared and local printers.

• Computer Grouping
You can group computers into as many groups as you want. For example, you can have Ordinary, VIP, Gaming, and other groups. Each group has its own pricing for all 4 modes.

• Your Own Client's Central Picture (Logo)
On the tab 'Appearance of CL Client' in the CL Server's Control Panel, you can click on 'Customize Client's central picture' and then choose any picture you want to use (e.g., your logo).

Complete Remote Control over CL Clients from CL Server

• Remote Client Setup
Set up all settings of CL Clients remotely from the Server.

• Remote Client Applications Setup
In CL Server, you can easily specify the list of applications and games available to use by your customers. In addition to program icons, you can also specify website shortcuts to be displayed by CL Clients.

• Transfer Sessions
Transfer sessions between Clients with a click of a button.

• Remotely Customize Client's Interface
You can specify whether or not to display 'Start a Session' button, login box for prepaid accounts or timecodes, elapsed time, rate per hour and other items of CL Client's interface remotely from the Server.

• Customize the Title of Internet Explorer
Specify your own title of Internet Explorer windows. Ex. "Microsoft Internet Explorer provided by Cyberia cafe."

• Message System
Employees can send messages to customers from CL Server.

• Beginning of Session Options
Choose what happens if an employee starts a session. There are several options: session will be put on hold if a client computer is not connected; session will start after a period of time, after user's confirmation or immediately. If a customer starts a session in CL Client, these options are ignored.

• End of Session Options
Choose what happens to a client machine at the end of each session. There are several options: lock the computer, reboot, or lock for 2 min. and then reboot. The last option gives a customer enough time to decide whether to continue the session.

• Shutdown All Unused Computers
At day end, you can shutdown all computers from CL Server with a click of a button. You can also shutdown individual computers from CL Server.

• Reboot All Unused Computers
You can reboot all computers from CL Server with a click of a button. You can also reboot individual computers from CL Server.

• End Session from the Server (for all usage modes)
If a customer forgets to end the session, employees can do it from CL Server.

Employee Control

• Employee Accounts
You can create a personal account for each one of your employees with their own login, password and user rights. With appropriate user rights, an employee can log on to client workstations for maintenance purposes.

• Employee Monitoring
CyberLeader will keep track of every action of your employees.

Security on Client Computers

• Workstations are Locked Between Sessions
When inactive, Client is locked with a protection mask. As soon as a session starts, the mask is removed.

• No Desktop Access
Customers do not have access to the Windows Desktop. They see an interface, which looks just like Windows, but is in fact a CL Client's screen. The only thing that comes from Windows is the taskbar, which is restricted to make it safe for customers to use. Things like Windows Control Panel or command prompt cannot be accessed by customers.

• Disable Hotkeys
Block the use of Windows Hotkeys.

• Block Access to Drives
You can block access to any drive you want.

• Place Restrictions on Internet Explorer and MSN Messenger
You can restrict access to any feature of Internet Explorer, including 'Open', 'Save As', etc. You can also disable file transfer and auto-update in MSN Messenger.

• Block File Downloading
Block the ability to download files by customers.

Other Features

• Timeout Warning
Special message appears on a computer's screen that notifies the customer that prepaid time is nearly up. This applies to prepaid sessions, prepaid accounts and timecodes.

• Value Added Tax
CyberLeader can automatically add a sales tax to the subtotal of each sale you make.

• Use Any Currency Sign
Cyberleader supports all kinds of currency signs. By default it uses the currency sign that is set in "Windows Regional Settings" on the server computer. You can specify a different currency in CL Pricing policy screen.

• Connection via LAN and Internet
CL Server supports connection with Clients via LAN and Internet as well. In case they are connected via the Internet, the server computer must have a static IP.

• Automatic Logon to Windows
You can enable CL Clients to automatically logon to Windows by checking the corresponding option.

• Encoded Database
CL Server's database is encoded and protected from unauthorized modifications.

• Easy Interface
CL Server's user interface is completely self-explanatory. It is optimized for 800x600 (and higher) resolution and can be easily resized by clicking and dragging the lower right-hand corner of the Server's screen.

CL Client has an attractive and easy to use Windows-like interface. Your customers will get comfortable with it in just few moments.

New features
We regularly update Cyberleader and add new features and options. Please leave your suggestion regarding our software. We will greatly appreciate it!

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