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Online Customer Billing for Internet Kiosks

What is it?

Online billing allows customers to pre-pay for time using any major credit card. When the purchased time ends, CyberLeader locks the workstation and is ready for the next customer.
This is a must-have feature for any Internet kiosk since customers will not require any staff assistance. CyberLeader can operate in a completely stand-alone mode when this feature is enabled.

User Interface
Customers click on the 'Start a session' to begin the online order. Then they are redirected to PayPal order page and after the order is completed, the session starts.

How to enable this function?
By default, 'Start a session' button is used for Play&Pay sessions. On the left of CL Server's control panel, click on 'Online customer billing (PayPal)' then select 'Enable online billing' and reboot client computers. After that, the 'Start a session' button will start operating in the online billing mode.

To disable this feature, simply deselect the appropriate option and reboot client computers. 'Start a session' button will return to Play&Pay mode.

How to hide Timecode and Prepaid Account login boxes?
Go to
'Appearance of CL Client' in the CL Server's control panel and uncheck the options to show login boxes of timecodes and prepaid accounts.
This way customers will only be allowed to use the online billing feature.

How secure is the payment process?
CL Client disables all links on PayPal pages, which makes it impossible for customers to start browsing without making the payment.

Can I use payment systems other than PayPal?
Yes, we can integrate CyberLeader billing system virtually with any online payment system. Please contact us for more information.

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  Last updated: November 09, 2006

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