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Prepaid accounts

What is a prepaid account?

With a prepaid (or member) account, customers get a login and password they can use to access workstations. An account is effectively a money deposit, which is used to pay for computer time as well as POS items.  A welcome message is displayed at each login showing the account's balance, which can be replenished by staff at any time. A customer can easily check the account's history, change the password or user name.

How do I create them?
You can create accounts either using 'Prepaid accounts and timecodes' button in the main server's window or in the 'Prepaid accounts' window.
If a prepaid account is created in the Prepaid accounts screen, it has the status "unsold", which is changed as soon as it is used for the first time. If an account is created in the server's main window, it is assumed to be sold immediately. Creating it this way also allows specifying a custom username with password '111'.

How can I prevent customers from using 'Start a session' button?
If you use only timecodes and/or prepaid accounts, you will want to hide the start session button in CL Clients. In order to do it, uncheck the option 'Show start session button' under 'Appearance of CL Client' in the CL Server's control panel.

How to export accounts

Select accounts that you want to export and click the 'Export' button. You can select them using Ctrl + left-click and Shift + left-click as well as the right-click.
You can export prepaid accounts to Access, Excel and TXT formats.

Account Premiums
You can enable prepaid account users to receive special premiums. A premium is an increase of a customer's deposit by a specified percent. Prepaid account premiums are only applied when you create accounts in the main server's window using the 'Members' button. They are not applied when you create them in the window shown above. To specify the premiums, go to CL Control Panel -> Pricing policy -> Other settings.
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