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Pricing policy in CyberLeader

Press the 'Pricing policy' button in the CL Server's Control Panel to open the window shown below.

How do I specify rates?
Each PC group has its own pricing. You can specify a group for each computer in the 'PC groups and names' screen. By default they are all set to "Ordinary".

After you select the group for which you want to specify rates, choose the pricing mode for it. You can select either scheduled or bulk pricing for each group.
Scheduled Pricing
Scheduled pricing gives you great flexibility in defining pricing based on time of the day. Pricing can be different on workdays and weekends. You can specify which days should be considered as workdays/weekend by click on 'Other settings' and then going to 'Define workdays/weekend' tab.

In scheduled pricing screen, you can click on the boxes with prices per hour and drag them or change their size. To create, delete or modify them, make a right-click on one of them to open its context menu. You can also double-click on the headers like 'Scheduled pricing - Workdays' to create a new element.

'copy from' copies pricing from another PC group to the current one.
Bulk Pricing
Bulk pricing allows great flexibility for giving bulk time discounts and defining a staged pricing policy.

In this screen, you can specify time intervals, their costs, rate per hour for each interval and also define if the price is to be charged by block, by minute, or by X min. intervals.

To edit a certain value in the table, simply double-click on it. Use 'Edit' to make changes to an entire row.

Cost of a time interval is added to session's cost depending on the 'Charge by' value. If you set it to 'Block', the full cost of an interval will be applied to session's cost as soon as the elapsed time gets to this interval.
For example, the cost of the first interval will be added immediately.

If you select 'Minute', session's cost will be updated every minute.

Charge by '10 min. intervals' and others are usually used in 'all additional time' row.

Rate per hour has two purposes:

1. It is used to specify rate per hour for all additional time beyond the defined time intervals.
2. It makes it easier for you to compare costs of time intervals.

You can experiment with the settings in the 'Test your settings' area.
Other settings
As a currency sign, you can specify any symbol and/or letters you want before or after an amount.

On the 'Prepaid accounts' tab, you can specify the discounts for prepaid account users. These discounts are applied only when you create accounts in the main server's window using the 'Prepaid accounts and timecodes' button. They are not applied when you create them in the 'Prepaid accounts' window.
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