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   - All changes logged!

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Are you looking for software to audit hardware/software inventory of your computers?

Do you want to be notified in case something critical happens with them?

If your answer is YES, then Systems Asset Monitor is exactly what you need!

What is it?


Systems Asset Monitor (SAM) is a PC inventory audit solution for Windows networks. It generates detailed hardware and software inventory audit reports for all your computers. It also enables you to track any changes to hardware components as well as software programs installed on your computers.

SAM Server can be installed on any computer and will monitor the local LAN as well as remote computers anywhere in the world. For remote computers there is a client module. Once SAM is setup and running, you can specify which hardware/software components you want the system to record and track. You can also specify how often each new inventory audit should be automatically performed and whether you would like to be notified by email in case of particular changes.

We offer customers the option of either hosting SAM Server themselves or using our dedicated server for that. Normally, it makes sense to use our server for small computer networks, but host it on your server in case you have a large LAN. 

Access to SAM Server is done only through its web interface, so you can be anywhere in the world with a web browser and Internet connection to see what is going on with your computers.

If you have any inquiries including pricing, please email

If you buy CyberLeader Cafe Software, you will get Systems Asset Monitor for free! So you can either buy only SAM or buy CL and get SAM for free.

What hardware info does Systems Asset Monitor report?

Window with the list of monitored computers.

This screen shows computers that are currently being monitored and audited by Systems Asset Monitor.

Window with individual computer's report.

Each computer's report can be accessed with a click of a button. It displays all hardware and software on one page. Clicking on individual items opens a page with their detailed information.
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