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Keeps track of PC inventory, has a web-based interface    - Hardware inventory
   - Software inventory
   - All changes logged!

What can SAM do for you?

Complete PC inventory and configuration audit reports on workstations, notebooks and servers:
Works with LAN, WAN, Mobile and Remote Users behind NAT and Firewalls.
Reports and tracks changes to all hardware components including CPU, memory, hard drives, mouse, printers, network adapters and much more.
Reports and tracks changes to all installed software including software vendors, number of copies, version numbers, operating system, user accounts, Windows updates and more.

Supported Operating Systems
SAM Server can run on Windows 2k, XP, 2003; Linux Red Hat and Ubuntu. SAM is the only hardware inventory system in the world whose server can run on Linux.
SAM Client can operate and perform audits on any version of Windows beginning with 95.

Interface, User accounts and Domains
All software administration is done through a web browser. SAM's interface is exclusively web-based.
A domain is a virtually independent copy of SAM Server. You can sign up for a domain for free and test the software by clicking on Online Demo.
Each domain has at least one user account called domain-owner. It is possible to add as many accounts as needed with different levels of user rights.
Computers in a domain are divided into locations, which in turn are subdivided into computer groups. This is a very convenient way to organize computers in the management console.

Automatic computer audits, Changes log and Alerts
SAM performs regular scheduled inventory audits and looks for changes from the previous scan. As a result, you get the most up-to-date PC inventory information as well as a log of all the changes you want to be recorded.
Configure which hardware and software changes should be recorded into the Events log and which ones will trigger an alert sent by email.

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